# Who is it for?

With ONESTEP AI, artificial intelligence becomes a tool available to everyone. If you are:

  • interested in technology and want to build your own solution,
  • looking for ways to improve a process that you are working on or researching,
  • already working with AI, but want to automate and speed up boring and repetitive tasks,

give ONESTEP AI a try. You will no longer have to:

  • worry about the computing power of your computer,
  • even own a computer, as our portal is fully adapted to work on mobile devices and all calculations are performed in the cloud,
  • know how to code, as you will not write a single line of code (unless you want to),
  • buy cameras or devices on which you can run the neural network model. We will provide you with the necessary infrastructure and tools.

Let’s democratize AI together, one model at a time.