# What does it do?

ONESTEP AI provides you with cloud-based tools to:

Prepare and optimize a dataset:

  • Store and organize your image data
  • Annotate and assign classification categories to your images
  • Visually assess the quality of your datasets
  • Process and augment your images for a better training dataset using the dataset manipulator tool, which also allows you to visually verify the results

Create and train an AI model:

  • Create a model with a wizard-style guide
  • Train a model with a single-click model training
  • Analyze a statistical review of your trained model

Test your model live in the cloud:

  • Deploy the trained model to edge devices such as NVIDIA Jetson, GPU, or CPU VMs
  • Rent an edge device in the cloud
  • Run inference in your browser using the OSAI-provided WebApp