# Working with models

The Models section of the OSAI application is used to train and manage models. In this section you can:

  • See a list of trained models
  • Start training a new model
  • Merge categories during training
  • Track the details of a trained model
  • Convert a model
  • Download a trained model
  • Re-train a model

# The model list

In the model list, a single model is presented as a tile with basic information and statistics:

Model tile
Model tile

  • Model type (Classification/Detection)
  • Model name
  • Creation date
  • Framework used
  • Pretrained model selected
  • Datasets used
  • Categories selected
  • Status (Pending, Training, Finished and Closed, Converting, Error)
  • Statistics (Accuracy, Loss)
  • Configuration details (Config set during creation)

# Supported frameworks

We currently support the following frameworks for training:


Object detection